One local resident’s 15 minute walk 😠-> NCR & nearby, May 15 2018

With thanks to SmcG, who has been single handedly trying to deal with local scenes like these for the last 6 years, and who says:

To drive home further the stinking attitude that DCC have towards this issue, I walked past the DCC housing estates in Summerhill this morning and witnessed pile after pile of dumped rubbish, there must have been over 40 bags. You would think that DCC would have a measure of control over their own estates, but no, it’s the same old story. This shows that they are serious about this, every time I bring this issue up and ask questions about ‘crackdowns and zero tolerence’ I get met with the same silence from DCC – every time! An email to and fro until no more answers and no more emails.
It’s a culture of zero accountability and it has fostered an indifferent/sneering attitude toward decent residents who want them to do the job of a council, their responsibilities go beyond that of organizing face painting days on bank holidays and providing the odd brush and bag on ‘adopt a street’ day, there are decent people on the ground in DCC but the institution is brutal,  
The litter hotline is a joke, there is a promotional merry-go-round where no one stays in a post for more than a wet weekend and god knows what happened to NICLAG, yet here they are going on about drones, smart technology and talking lampposts, all of this translates to ‘we have no clue and we don’t give a damn’. 
I’ve seen a lot of news items about the littering around Pembroke as a result of the bank holiday drinking at the canals. It got a lot of coverage, yet this is a reality we face all of the time in the NIC, only much worse, what do we get?
There’s a serious problem here, I would love to know who is throwing up impediments to deal with this.

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