About DublinLitterBlog

You can help clean up Dublin !dublinLitterLogoSmall

  • Please send your photos of dumping & littering to pictures@DublinLitterBlog.com.
  • Make sure to include location info, such as address or street name, in the message.
  • You can also send picture messages (MMS) to 083 177 9583
  • You can also send the photos to our Twitter account, or post them on our Facebook page.
  • Private details such as your email address or phone number will never be shared.

What does this service provide?

  1. Publication of your litter pictures (obviously!).  On webfacebook, and twitter.
  2. Automatic reporting of your issue to DCC’s waste department, to get it cleaned up. We enhance the report to make it as effective as possible.
  3. Privacy & anonymity for anyone who sends in a photo.  Your personal details will never be published or shared.
  4. Data Cleansing for any submitted photos.  We will strip any embedded digital info such as camera model & serial number from the image.  We will also blank out items subject to Data Protection laws from your photo. Things such as car number plates and people’s faces.

How do I stay informed ?

You can follow our updates & photos via any of these 4 methods.  The same content is posted to all of them. If your screen is displaying the sidebar on the right, you can subscribe immediately from there. If not, here are the links & details.

And who is behind this site?

  • We are a group of Dublin residents who got well and truly fed up with the situation.
  • We are private citizens with no political or Council affiliation.   Neither are we commercial in any way – the service is free.
  • For general messages, not dumping reports, you can contact us on admin@DublinLitterBlog.com

OK, show me some pictures!

Here you go…

Thank you !

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