endless bags on this corner -> Gardener place d1. Apr 04 2013

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3 Responses to endless bags on this corner -> Gardener place d1. Apr 04 2013

  1. eddie gannon says:

    from 17th of April of this year the crowd next door have been dumping their rubbish; needles cd’s, eg. in our garden. all we can do is call the litter warden go to the landlord or the police. now i’ve gone to all three. kids and others have been coming out of there and one wonders how they all fit in there. hell there was even a raid in there this morning. alot of the neighbours are sick and tired of this is there any more we can do to stop this? it’s totally unfair i believe and wrong

    • Eddie, we edited your post slightly if you don’t mind – just have to be careful about what we publish.
      Anyway that sounds like an unpleasant and stressful situation.
      Anti-social neighbours are not our core focus, but we can give you some general suggestions.

      Would advise getting on to your TDs, and if you can do as a group of local residents rather than a single individual that will help your case.
      Would also advise taking pictures of the waste and rubbish, for evidence sake, especially hazardous items such as needles.
      Include these pictures in your messages to the TDs.
      The Gardai may not be able to do a whole lot as things stand, but DCC do have an anti-social policy in place as regards households in receipt of rent allowance.
      Here are the full details

      Click to access ASB_Strategy_English.pdf

      Next it could be a good idea to set up meeting with your local Garda Inspector and discuss the issue face to face with them.
      That could be a source of valuable informal advice which won’t be put down in writing.

      Regards, DublinLitterBlog.

      • eddie gannon says:

        i don’t understand isn’t this site to do with wrongly dumping? i’ve just said i’ve gone to the police but however my history with td’s is not good as they have done nothing for me or my fiance so this turn has as far as i can see become unproductive. i appreciate your suggestions and look forward to future help thank you

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