16 pics, click onto site to view Gallery. 9am today -> Summerhill, D1. Dec 11 2013

With thanks to SmcG, who says “Same old, same old…Here we are, again, on Tuesday morning in the same stretch with same results. The paths are actually caked over by the waste run-off and are sticky under foot.”

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3 Responses to 16 pics, click onto site to view Gallery. 9am today -> Summerhill, D1. Dec 11 2013

  1. Luiz Nunes says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I had moved in to Summerhill Parade, D1 and I’ve been seen this situation all the time. Today I am here to ask you some instruction about how I can manage my rubbish. I am not sure about that but I found those orientations: 1. Rubbish NON organic: should be placed in black plastic bag and tagged by Tag Bin (Red). 2. Rubbish organic: should be placed in transparent plastic bag and tagged by Tag Bin (Yellow).

    Ok, but I have some doubts: 1. Where do I have to leave my rubbish plastics bags? 2. What weekday do I have to placed it at the street (if it’s right)? 3. Glasses in general, where do I have to leave it (I looked around but I didn’t find anywhere)? Some materials like clothes, styrofoam, etc. What kind of rubbish are those? How is the best and right way to manage it?

    In advance I’d like to thanks everybody and sorry about my English.

    • Hi Luiz

      The rubbish collector in your area is Greyhound and you can get their collection calendars here:

      Usually, bags are left at the side of the pavement, near to the road.

      For general non-recyclable waste & rubbish, you put it in a black bag and put a Red tag on that black bag. Write your address on the tag or it might get stolen !
      And those black bags get collected on the Black bin collection day on your Calendar.

      For plastics & cardboard, you can buy the transparent Greyhound bags in the shop, the same as when you buy the red tags.
      Those bags don’t need a Yellow tag, or any tag. They get collected on the Green bin collection on your Calendar.

      For glass, clothes, styofoam, recycle stuff like that which don’t go in the transparent bags.
      The best solution is to go to a Bring Centre. There’s one near you, on North Strand :

      Click to access North%20Strand%20R%20Centre.pdf

      Happy to help out and your English is fine !

      ps- as you know, there is a lot of street dumping around Summerhill. DCC (the municipal authority) are planning a “blitz” starting in January 2014 which will hopefully
      improve things in the area.

      thanks & regards.

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