Just 1 pile of many, submitter sent in 11 pics -> Belvedere Place, D1. Jan 19 2014

With thanks to BH, who says “The whole place is grubby, dirty, with moss and slime on paths and bags all over the place. You can see where people have attempted to throw their litter into the DCC bins but have fallen out. At nearly every bin you can see bags placed beside. People are leaving their bags out more than 24 hours to a few days before collection. The majority of the bags don’t have labels. The reason people feel they can just put their bags everywhere is because they get away with it, they are not being pursued, no fines are issued and they are rarely caught. Other people who may witness this dumping turn a blind eye to it. None of these streets should have bag collections at all, as there is adequate space for wheelie bins.”

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