‘Notorious dumping spot for over 2 years now .. ever present’ -> Opposite 5 Blessington Place, D7. Sep 22 2014

With thanks to PC @ BLEND resident’s association

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2 Responses to ‘Notorious dumping spot for over 2 years now .. ever present’ -> Opposite 5 Blessington Place, D7. Sep 22 2014

  1. landlord says:

    To All Regarding The Rubbish Dumping Problem Outside 5 Blessington Place Dublin 7
    Please be Advised!! Dumped Rubbish is not coming from this house as all rubbish from
    this house is collected weekly by Commercial Rubbish Collection Service
    Kindly remove all Reference and ( Photographs are NOT from outside 5 Blessington Place )
    Maybe you should get in touch with the Landlord or contact Dublin City Council before you make False or Incorrect Statements on your Blog.
    Thank You
    Landlord 5 Blessington Place Dublin 7
    Ph.xxxxxxxxx (number obscured for privacy)

    • Dear Landlord,
      thanks for your response. As advised we have followed up with the local resident’s association who submitted the incident, and we asked for confirmation and clarification.

      Firstly the photographs are from outside Number 5 as can be seen in this Google street view link
      Number 5 is house with the yellow door (please correct us if we are wrong) and the dumping spot is the spot 10 feet away across the lane, with the bags dumped.

      Secondly, the Resident’s Association confirmed that dumping had been observed repeatedly in the past as coming from Number 5. The Association knocked on the door
      at one point last year and informed the residents about collections days, the bin-tag system, and so on. However, quote, ‘the dumping did not stop’.

      Finally we have edited the post to say ‘opposite’ number 5 instead of ‘outside’. In future for incidents upon this spot, we will use the term
      ‘opposite’ so there is no unintended implication as to which nearby household is responsible for a specific incident.

      Please be aware that we have to supply precise location to Dublin City Council to get dumped waste cleaned up.

      thanks & regards
      Dublin Litter Blog Team

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