Zoom in,spot the rubbish blown everywhere from the tipped over wheelybin -> Belvidere Rd, D1. Feb 12 2014

With thansk to BH. This is what happens when wheelybins are abandoned outside on the street with no enforcement. They attract lots of extra dumping, and then either get kicked over over (in this case) blown over by the strong winds. The upshot is rubbish getting strewn & spread over a wide area. Submitter says “As predicted from my last email, the Green wheelie bin from no. 21 has toppled over & a black food waste bag can be seen on the other side of the road, much of the rest of the contents as we speak are scattered up & down the road. The bloody infuriating part is the tenants were seen coming in and out all day. Their now empty black bin was picked up by a gust and blown into oncoming traffic. Another empty bin from next door can now be seen inside the garden of a house 50 metres away! Courtesy of aforementioned gust! It doesn’t help that, when Greyhound empty the bins they just toss them back at the kerb nowhere near the customers home.”

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